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My name is Yelena Klairmont and I'm a corporate commissions artist. As a visual artist, oil painting is my specialty and passion. Over the years I've put together a vast and diverse oeuvre that spans a broad array of subjects. I explore varied themes and regularly test out new styles of painting. I'm always looking for new inspiration and ideas. My works typically appears in series. All of my series possess their own individual identities.

The art I make taps into the concept of coexistence. It investigates the way human beings communicate and interact with the nature that surrounds them day in and day out. It does so through the point of view of modern society. My art has been seen in municipal collections, corporate collections, museum shows, commissions, group exhibits and solo exhibits all over the country. These exhibitions have been in numerous locations from Atlanta, Georgia and San Francisco, California to Highland Park, Illinois and New York City and beyond.

I've collaborated with real estate firm owners, designers and art consulting firms all around the United States. I create commissioned art for different types of industries, notably healthcare and hospitality. I work for corporate and private clients alike. I've worked with entities from libraries to civic organizations. As a result, my work experience is both extensive and comprehensive.

The art I produce is noteworthy because it's of an extremely strong quality, no exceptions. I concentrate highly on technicalities when I make art. At the same time, my art is simultaneously poignant, emotional and serene. When my art is on display, it enhances and allows the setting to "pop." Last but not least, my art paves the way for a calm and nurturing overall feel.

Many clients appreciate collaborating with me due to my ability work swiftly. Tight deadlines are never a problem for me. My goal is always to accommodate all of the exact needs and requests of my clients, and I can successfully do so even while under rigid time constraints. I thrive when I work in "pressure" situations. My rates as a visual artist are competitive. My number one priority is always provide my clients with top-notch work that is extremely reasonably priced. I also make a point to cater to all of the detailed preferences of my clients. If a client has a request regarding subject, color, overall design or wall size, to name several different possibilities, I'm always more than happy to do what it is he or she asks.

If you're on the lookout for a visual artist who is prompt, professional, courteous and extremely experienced in the field, then I might be the perfect option for you. Not only do I create oil paintings, but I also make welded metal sculptures and fused glass installations. For more information about my services, feel free to contact me by giving me a call. You can also choose to contact me by sending an email message. If you do so, I will be certain to get back to you as soon as possible.

Projects & Exhibitions:

2017 Wyndemere Luxury Retirement Community, Peoria, Illinois; acquired artworks for the lobby

2017 Rolling Meadows Office Center, Rolling Meadows, Illinois; acquired artworks for the lobby

2015 Graphic art for Just Salad, LLC Chicago

2014 ALOFT Hotel lobby, Chicago

2014 February-May, Art Exhibition, City Hall, Highland Park, Illinois

2014 Loan South Bank, Atlanta,GA, acquired several artworks

2013 HVS Global Consulting acquired "Line of Scrimmage" for their Chicago corporate office

2013 Omni Hotel International New Corporate Office, Dallas, TX, acquired two art works for new office

2013 Ritz-Carlton Hotel Lobby, Atlanta, Georgia, commissioned work for the hotel lobby

Museum Exhibitions:
Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Biennial: Contemporary American Realism, Fort Wayne, IN

Rockford Art Museum

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